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A little about me…

Hi, I’m Tina, owner of Memories for You. I started my business out of a passion for photos and preserving my family’s memories. My dad took thousands of slides through the years growing up, and I wanted a way to keep those family memories for generations to come.

I learned how to scan photos and organize the digital images so they could be found easily. I digitized our family videos to preserve my sons’ first steps and my graduation from college. I’ve had the honor to do this for countless customers, as well.

I also know the importance of backing up digital files after losing a year’s work of family videos. I learned the hard way there’s a difference between syncing your photos and videos versus backing up your videos and pictures. I don’t want this common mistake to happen to you.

Currently, I help local customers with digitizing, organizing, and creating amazing photo projects. I want to expand my reach by helping those who want to DIY their photos and video management.

I started a blog along with my photo management business to reach more people. I want to help the do-it-yourself gurus through the process of photo organizing, digitizing, and creating photo projects. Through my step-by-step posts or quick real-time videos, you’ll be able to preserve your own families’ memorabilia.

Over 7 trillion photographs were taken last year. Please turn to the resources on this blog to help get your digital overwhelm under control so you can enjoy the memories you created with your family and friends.

The information I will provide will help you keep your photos safe from natural disasters, fires, computer, or cell phone failures. Following my steps, you’ll have peace that your family photos and videos are safe. Please let me know how I can help you with your photo and video management. Take the first step in taming your photo overwhelm by signing up for my free resources, linked below.


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