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It’s easy to make excuses as to why you don’t have time to organize or preserve your photos. I, too, find myself putting it off until another day. I think I’ll do it next week when I have more time, or I don’t want to spend the money needed for the photo project. Here are nine reasons you might find yourself procrastinating on preserving your precious memories and why it’s essential to start taking action.

Reason Number 1:

Preserving and organizing your photos requires you to decide on what to do with all the pictures. How to organize them? You have to decide which ones to keep. You’ll need to make tough calls on how to store all the digital photos you’ve taken through the years. What to do with the stacks of printed photos or photo albums stuffed in the closets. Decision fatigue is a huge hurdle to overcome when trying to maintain a photo collection.

Reason Number 2:

The second reason you might be struggling with tackling your photo projects is that going through the photos can bring back painful memories during a difficult time like a divorce, family illness, job loss, and financial difficulties. It can bring back memories of happier times when you had more energy, less worry, and more time on your hands. So it is causing you to put it off, knowing it will bring up those memories and moments in time. 

Reason Number 3:

Another reason your having difficulty moving forward is that it’s going to require you to spend money on your memorabilia projects. You might think you need a better computer or want a particular photo scanner to help scan and preserve the countless printed photos. You might want to print a years’ worth of digital pictures and make scrapbooks or have great ideas about the digital photo books you want to create. 

Reason Number 4:

The 4th reason you’re struggling with your photo projects is that you think you need to learn new technology, a different app, or a software program. Trying to learn something new, the fact that tech changes regularly, you might find you’re unable to keep up, so you procrastinate and put it off for another day, month, or another year.

Reason Number 5:

The 5th reason you might be putting off organizing your photos because you struggle to find the time. You focused on making memories with your kids, not preserving the pictures that go with those memories. You make other activities a priority leaving the photo projects on your hard drive or in the back of closets.

Reason Number 6: 

You’re procrastinating on preserving and organizing your photos because you’re stuck on getting the perfect and every last detail that goes with the pictures. You maybe didn’t keep track of the date your little one took their first steps or the name of the zoo you went to with the grandkids, but you want those details journaled in the scrapbook. Maybe the technology that’s required to keep the details with the photos is frustrating for you, and you can’t move past it. For instance, you want to tag photos of your friends, family, and locations, but the process is daunting. So once again, you’ve put it off.

Reason Number 7:

The 7th reason, you’ve delayed the projects because you want the printed digital photo albums to have the right colors/background, the digital elements, or stickers to be just right. Perhaps you don’t know how to organize the photos on your computer, so the details are holding you back.  

Reason Number 8:

Now for the 8th reason you’ve held off on your projects, you’re waiting for your boxes out of the basement or show you how to use the new computer. You might want to call a professional to scan your photos or organize the digital images, but you don’t know who to call or even know that’s a resource.

Reason Number 9:

The last reason you might postpone moving forward is that you have no goal or deadline to complete the projects. On the other hand, when you need to find a photo quickly, you are easily frustrated because you can’t find the picture. And you remember that when push comes to shove, you’re able to finish projects in a pinch. You’ve completed projects for weddings graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, after a trip, or often a funeral these events all had a timeline and a purpose.  And the reasons why you should stop procrastinating, organizing, and preserving your photos:

  1. To enjoy the memories over and over again.
  2. To save space by scanning them or space on the computer by deleting duplicates and bad photos.
  3. So you can easily share them.
  4. So you can easily create projects and easily display them.
  5. Upgrade media that they are in or on.
  6. So your photos are safe from fires and disasters. – I believe it is the most important reason.

Leave me a comment below with what steps you’re going to take to stop procrastinating and start taking action? How about start by downloading this PDF workbook freebie to help you organize your digital photos? 

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