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Hello! So glad you’ve come to my blog. My name is Tina Marth. I’m a wife, mother of 3 kids. I love all things related to photos, family videos, creating crafts, and making lasting memories. Look for information on how to preserve your memories, organize, and build lasting products from your photos and videos. I’ll share products that I love and use. As well as, ideas on how to create quality memories with your family and friends.

So that you know, not all my photos are organized completely. I’ve made many mistakes along the way with trying to organize my digital photos and videos. I’ve learned some things throughout the years so I hope to share them with you so you might not make the same mistakes I’ve made. And not all my photos and videos have been digitized, and many of the digital images have never been printed. I’m just here walking beside you in the journey of life. I’m hoping to inspire you to create memories with your kids and preserve those memories by creating photo gifts or projects.

Our family loves camping, boating, traveling and going to kids’ activities. My husband and I are business owners. This brings many rewards and its own set of challenges. We want our kids to dream big, enjoy life, and create lasting memories. Our family photos and videos allow us to reminisce about all the great times we had together and be thankful for where we’ve been along the way, good or bad. That’s why they are important to me and to many others that I know.

Since we now have digital cameras and cameras on our phones, we forget to actually print our photos or upload them to our computers. I hope this blog and the tools that I suggest will help you take the extra time to enjoy the pictures and the videos you’ve taken, so they don’t become lost on an old forgotten device.

My business Memories for You provides services locally to help those who want to hire someone to preserve and organize their photos and videos. It’s so fun to hear from clients that can watch their old family movies that now have been digitized. Many of these memories were tucked away in a drawer somewhere hoping one day they would learn how to hook up the computer to the old camcorder so they could enjoy those forgotten memories. But the thing is, they never did. They procrastinated, and the camcorder no longer works, so that’s when they called me to help them. I’ve also helped many families transfer their degrading old family slides to digital jpegs. Many of these slides haven’t been looked at for decades.

It’s been so rewarding to help these families preserve their memories. I’ve created countless DVD slide shows for graduations, weddings, or funerals. However, I decided this year that I could reach and help a lot more people if I started a blog. I want the content of this blog to help you gain the skills so you can make sure your photos and family videos are not lost or forgotten. Hope you come back often and also please subscribe to my email list so you can receive the latest updates, blog posts, and discounts. Join my email list, and you’ll get a free PDF download printable to help you organize your photos. I hope you’ll like and share my blog with your family and friends. I look forward to connecting with you! Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you’d like to see on the blog by commenting below. Thanks again for stopping by!

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