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External Hard Drive

This WD External Hard Drive with 8 TB will give you plenty of space to back up your computer, family photos, and videos. It comes with auto back up software.


Backblaze is the backup service I recommend for backing up your computer, photos, and videos. It automatically backs up your files daily and stores the contents in several off-site locations. It will give you peace of mind that your photos and videos are safe from computer failure or natural disasters. It currently is the same price no matter the GB or TB of data you want to save. If you need to restore data, they can send your files on an external hard drive. You also receive a monthly backup notice describing how much data was backed-up. If you want to back up an external hard Backblaze makes that possible for no added fee.


SmugMug is not just for professional photographers. SmugMug is another backup and photo storage solution option that I recommend.  You can safely and securely share your photos with family and friends. SmugMug automatically organizes your photos by date. You can create galleries to categorize your photos so you can find them easily. SmugMug has both an IOS app and an Android app making it easy to automatically download your photos and videos! Unlimited photo storage makes SmugMug a great choice for photo backups. Their yearly reasonable memberships vary in price for personal use to pro photographers.

Safe, secure and unlimited photo storage. Click here to find out more.